Our purpose

  • We exist to glorify God.

Our values

  • We value preaching and ministry that is faithful to God’s Word.
  • We value prayer that is passionate and Spirit led.
  • We value worship that is Biblical and authentic.
  • We value discipleship that is life-transforming.
  • We value fellowship that is loving and sacrificial.
  • We value evangelism that reaches those outside our church with the Gospel of grace.
  • We value stewardship that is joyful, generous and God glorifying.

Our mission

  • Our mission is to make and mature disciples.

Our vision

  • We envision a church where God is loved and honoured; where our people are growing in Christ-likeness; where our people are equipped, enabled and sent; and where every believer passionately and faithfully serves.
  • We therefore envision a church which will impact our community; and see many people saved, baptised, welcomed into membership and grow to become mature disciples.

As a local church we have implemented a process which we believe will help us, under God, to achieve these things. This process can be summed up in 4 words – Establish – Grow – Serve – Share.

  • Establish – New believers and occasional worshippers will become regular worshippers, will be familiar with the DNA of the church, will be grounded in the basics of the Christian faith and will be baptised and come into membership.
  • Grow – People growing in their faith will bear evidence of the fruit of the Spirit, have a rich devotional life, will be committed to individual and corporate prayer, and be committed to their own discipleship and each other’s.
  • Serve – People who are serving at DSBC will know how they’ve been gifted and be involved in some area of service and show evidence of commitment to the body of Christ.
  • Share – People will be equipped to share their testimony, know and tell the Gospel, and live like and understand themselves to be a missionary in the various places where they live and work and have been placed.